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You can enter the big birthday giveaway over on the N E W blog: -and once you are there, remember to bookmark the new address / change the link in your blog roll / subscribe to the new RSS-feed!

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Y E S! today Ungt Blod turns four years old and We Are Moving! I have spend a long time building up a new home and I so hope you will like it! -later today there will be a giveaway at the new blog, so do stop by:  -and please remember to change your RSS-subscriptions and links on your blog, thank you so much! AND THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST BLOG READERS IN THE WORLD  UPDATE: if you keep ending up back here - try to refresh and reload the a couple of times, it might be cached from earlier visits!


Hvass og Hannibal

The print E got for christmas reminded me how cool the two artists Hvass and Hannibal is! I have been a fan for many years and one thing I really like about them is their ability to have very distinctive style and still do a lot of very different things! That is maybe one of the most important qualities if you work creatively - to be able to do something new but still keep 'your voice' Stay tuned for lots of new things here on thursday when this blog turns 4 and things change! ▶ Emy: I found it by chance in a toy store and think it has a remarkable minimalism
▶ Mirthe: I made a guide a long time ago, but really all I can tell you is that it is very very easy once you have all the ingredients in house
▶ Maja: Tak -køkkenet er fra Ikea. Det er fem år gammelt så jeg ved ikke om de har de samme, men jeg mener det hed applåd. Vi har selv boret hullerne til greb
▶ Sofia: Tusind tak for den søde kommentar!



Today is the first monday of 2012 that feels more or less like a regular monday. Even though I had an exam last week it feels like I have been on vacation until today. The rest of january will be lots of studying and work -but don't worry, I won't forget about you guys. I have something special planned later in the week when the blog turns 4! ▶ Astrid: You guys, the readers, are so so important to me! It is not 'why' I blog, but it is what makes it fun!
▶ Niki: You are right - I love that they have a very timeless feel to them
▶ Irene: Exactly -good mix of the practical and the sentimental
▶ Siri: It is called Pin-Gu-Dil :)
▶ Sara: Præcis! En meget meget god funktion!
▶ Lisen: Yes! I love it - I really like the idea of building your own animal - so far E finds it most fun to find the right combination, but I think she will like the other aspect when she gets older.



Elinor playing with one of her birthday presents -I really love the style of drawing on these! ▶ Vesle Serena: Yes they have done some great album covers and really just a lot of cool projects
▶ Johanna: The bowler hat lamp is exactly the Jeeves one you mention. I could not find a bowler my self and I really like the gold inside
▶ SpdZ: Oh, that so funny! We have the innersleeve from the cd hanging on our kitchen wall -he is really talented
▶ Anki: We have to make a rotation for our art - have some thing up for three or six months and then change everything to bring in what there was not room for :/ Someday I hope to have a big home with lots of walls begging for art



We have received a lot of great art this christmas:
1/ D and I gave each other this Jason Jägel MF DOOM limited edition print - Last year around christmas we got this one
 2/ We got this amazing animal print from my sister and her family for christmas. It is from an antique german book of african animals and my sister went through all sorts of craziness to find the book. I love how the animals are stacked on top of each other. so beautiful.
3/ Elinor got this print from my sister and her family. It is by some of my favourite Danish illustrators Hvass & Hannibal -you should really check out their work! -I need to go to Ikea and get some more frames
4/ The last one we got for our birthdays (same givers :)) It is made by - hold on - My brother-in-laws little sisters boyfriend! An elephant within an elephant ▶ I'm Polly: I used it in risotto yesterday - I see a bright future for me and umami
▶ Anette: Det er 'det tredje krydderi' - smagsforstærker
▶ Sewon: It seems really smart to have umami in this way
▶ Charlotte: I am surprised how many people know it! I had never seen it before
▶ allesistgut: Yeah I think it is a very clever packaging


also good

These are two other pretty good gifts: Very exciting, I got this Umami paste from my sister and her husband. Umami is the fifth taste after sour, bitter, and salty and is often added to dishes with MSG which can cause a lot of trouble -including migraines which I sometimes suffer from. But this Umami paste is made with out any a additives. Instead it consists of: tomato puree, garlic, anchovies, black olives, balsamic vinegar, porcini mushrooms, parmasan, citric acid, olive oil, sugar and salt. So far i like it in pasta dishes and sandwiches! I also bought a peppermill with a giftcard I got - i have been missing a peppermill for years. ▶ Siri: Happy new years to you too! I love that the tote bag is so useful!
▶ Likemybike: So happy you like it here! Would not mind having a famous artist-daughter :)
▶ B: Det lyder godt!
▶ Emma: Ha ha -I am only gonna eat aubergines at my yellow table
▶ Mia Frida: Uh I am not sure -will look into scanning -but you should look up the magazine too :)
▶ Niki: I know, I was very moved -she has the best day care
▶ Anonymous 1: Yeah that sounds like a great idea! The knife magnets are from the brand Eva Solo, but I have added the colored folio on top.
▶ Anonymous 2: Don't cry! I promis my life is full of boring and hard everyday stuff too! :)
▶ Eva: It is s u p e r easy to make sushi! go do it!
▶ Allesistgut: And to you too!
▶ Flora: I just had an exam yesterday! So now there is one less to go before I am all done. Have one more this january
▶ Linn Maria: ah en dug er en god ide også! håber hele min familie bliver glad for hjemmelavede gaver i år!
▶ Tess: Yes - a lot of my friends had a hard time imagining it before they saw it the first time
▶ Thale: no, because they were actually quite dry cause we did not have enough butter.
▶ Lisen: yes -I think the tote bag idea is brilliant -so useful!


best gift

This was probably the best gift I got this Christmas: A tote bag Elinor made in daycare for her parents! Such a good idea I think I might have to steal it and make a tote bag collection with her this spring (now I know what everyone we know will get for their birthdays this year :) ) ▶ Hello Sandwich: wouldn't that just be the best thing ever? selling coffee and sushi in Tokyo! Thats going on my five-year plan (if I had such a thing :))
▶ Misislau: Thank you - happy new year!
▶ SpdZ: It was! happy new year!
▶ Ida: Man bør lave sushi lidt oftere -det er super nemt. Dør stadig lidt når jeg tænker på hvor god (men dyr) den tun var
▶ Katrine: Godt nytår! Hun puttede hele maki stykker i munden på en gang! Og kunne endda spise is bagefter -nu beder hun om is hver gang hun har spist
▶ Malina: Thank you so much! with the german I know from school I could make out the headline :) I have some friends who have lived in Berlin, I think I will get them to translate the rest! Happy New Year!
▶ Victoria Knysh: There are surprisingly many people who do not like NYE -I love it when people break tradition and do what they want!
▶ Maja: Det er første gang jeg har lavet nigiri -det kræve en virkelig flot og god fisk -resten kræver bare lidt øvelse
▶ Malin: Happy new year, Malin!
▶ Gina: It so nice to avoid all the crazyness in the rest of the world and isolate yourself with your favorite things/people
▶ Sidsel: Sejt!
▶ Mathias: Tak! det var virkelig svært at koge det hele ned til 12
▶ mieke willems: Exactly! being on the streets on NYE just makes me sad
▶ handmade romance: And to you too!