pictures from good company this weekend. Despite the look on our faces in the first pic it was great. Anna Margrethe is visiting from London and the sushi was followed by vanilla ice cream with strawberries and labre larver

i found this on it's nice that some time ago -first i fell for the picture displayed on the blog not even reading the text. then i fell for the name being so brilliant, funny and Finnish. then i fell for the website -wow the colours- and it wasn't till then i realised how genius Bon Bon Kakku is! Its fabricdesign! fabricdesign! i have been looking at so much fabric in connection with the wedding dress and been so annoyed that most fabric is, well, boring. this is beautiful. and genius. The concept is that you submit your design and if it get enough votes the fabric will be available to buy. wow. i must admit i love Bon Bon Kakku's own designs the most and have to buy some as soon as some money rolls in to my account, but the possibilities of the concept are endless and wonderful.
Bon Bon Kakku

i get stressed out by sales! I love that you can get all the things you can't afford at half the price, but i always feel like i am in a race with everybody else to find the best things at the best price. I have tried to not buy as much through the year because you can get so much more in the sales -but what what what if all the beautiful things are gone? or not your size or or or ... like i said. stressed. I should not be so stressed though. cus i found this perfect eley kishimoto belt at half price. im ready to call the summer sales a success because of this belt.


i made this weird long sofa pillow for a friends birtday/i am a nurse now-party. it says something like "home sweet ..." The ducklings are from malmö where i will go at the end of the week to do some rea-shopping. Hope you all have had a good weekend! i'll finish it of with some sushi and some friends tonight. perfect.


they make words! i tried to too, but it did not turn out as pretty as the words Amy and Luci makes their we make words blog. btw, slik means candy ...

... :)


wow wow wow. im in love with these photographs! im such a sucker for just the right photograph. light. colours. motif. there are many more fantastic photos on Markku Lahdesmakis website.
i just found out that im not allowed to sew all of my wedding dress myself! according to traditions the last stitches need to be sewn by somebody other than me or its bad luck... hmm.. lucky i found out :)


these animals moved in the other day. im going to make something of them. maybe one day they will be president.

such a nice day yesterday!


i want this sofa! actually the one we got now is just about the same colour, but a very different design.. i found a used one online -95.000 dkk... you can go a head and convert that in to your own currency and then gasp.. The sofa is by Poul Kjærholm and the last pic is from D's exam went as good as one of those possible can, so we have celebrated all day D-style (which means pretty low-key by many other peoples standard -just the way i like it :)) i'll post some pics tomorrow.

the best coffee in the world... with the best people. D is finishing his exams today so when he comes home we'll have to celebrate the rest of the day. maybe cake?


Rasmus Norlander is something as wonderful and exotic as an architecture photographer! and he has photographed these cool human letters from a workshop at Konstfack. i would like to be the letter F

oh, and i found the shoes! it has been hard, because they needed to be flat -the wedding party is in my parents garden so heels would sink in the grass, and they needed to match the dress, which i did not really know how would end up looking until now, and they needed to be ME. but i found them! perfect in every way.

okay so here is a peek at "the dress" -i know i know you can't really see it, but im still a bit shy about it and a key element is missing. i have come a little bit further since i took this picture and i like the way it is going, but boy has it been a roller coaster!


Rufus is a posing dog and when your dog poses -you better snap snap snap. im making progress with the wedding dress and hope to show you soon. its on the top of my to do list for today, but right now i can't get started.. maybe just one more cup of coffee and a few more blogs... D is studying for his final exam and the apartment is full of procrastination...

okay so it is too cold to not wear socks.. and actually it s cold enough to wear my very long and very comfortable marc jacobs socks that i got as a birthday gift from Jette last year.


tried this funny form of sushi for lunch the other day. I guess the nori is kept separate from the rice to keep it crisp but it was a little weird trying to roll the kinda dry rice roll in the totally dry nori.. still it was a quick and cheap way of getting maki for lunch. I have actually only bought sushi from a real sushi place a couple of times but i make it my self all the time, and when its on sale get the stuff from the supermarket.

i feel like some of the sidebar needs some explanation. so: im testing the blog roll app in the "oh oh look here" section -you will be able to see a choice selection of my favourite blogs and the will show in order of "last updated". interesting. i don't know i like it yet but it could be a fun way for you to discover new (good) blogs. Then there is the "look what i found"section. this is links to posts that i like and want to share -all through google reader. you can also subscribe to a feed for these findings if you wanna. Its like boiling the internet down to what i find and what i like -or maybe just the blogosphere...


okay, so i needed a change. a big one. there were some obvious problems with the old format and more as of lately and even though i really like the home i built, well, the flaws where just too i went crazy with colours and young, fresh graphics and here it all is. The address will be the same but you might have to re-subscribe if you are visiting via a rss-feed-reader -other than that enjoy the changes and comment away!

UPDATE: I don't think its necessary to change the rss-subscription, but be sure that you still get the updates in you reader