i get stressed out by sales! I love that you can get all the things you can't afford at half the price, but i always feel like i am in a race with everybody else to find the best things at the best price. I have tried to not buy as much through the year because you can get so much more in the sales -but what what what if all the beautiful things are gone? or not your size or or or ... like i said. stressed. I should not be so stressed though. cus i found this perfect eley kishimoto belt at half price. im ready to call the summer sales a success because of this belt.


lisen said...

jag var också på REA med min lilla-syster i helgen. HAde aldrig gått själv, men med henne blev det kul och vi hittade massor! :)

men jag håller med, det är som en tävling..stressigt. skönt o komma hem...gärna med fina saker. :D grattis till skärpet!

Maria said...

I know. it's very stressful. but that belt looks fabulous!

hmm. I guess I could write in swedish to you too haha:) or maybe we just stick to english!

asphaltandair said...

definitely a success!
wonderful belt!