i want this sofa! actually the one we got now is just about the same colour, but a very different design.. i found a used one online -95.000 dkk... you can go a head and convert that in to your own currency and then gasp.. The sofa is by Poul Kjærholm and the last pic is from D's exam went as good as one of those possible can, so we have celebrated all day D-style (which means pretty low-key by many other peoples standard -just the way i like it :)) i'll post some pics tomorrow.


asphaltandair said...

so glad to hear that D's exam went "as well as one of those can"...
drool. the sofa is dreamy.
my husband would love to have one of those two.
too bad about the price and our two cats who like to put their claws into buttery leather.

mette /ungt blod said...

Yeah, i realised that it sounded all wrong that "as well as one of...." but what i meant to say was that he got the top grade and its totally crazy! :)

asphaltandair said...

happy, happy for your sweet man that he got the top grade!
congrats from little me in portland, oregon!