6 things

I was tagged twice for "6 things i like today" -by the sweet Kristi and Lisen
-sorry for the delay, but you all know the reason...

6 things i like (today):
1. being back home with D and the dog after my fantastic berlin trip
2. the smiles that keep coming when i think of my fantastic friends and the fantastic berlin trip
3. that counting down to the wedding makes me happy too and not stressed
4. thinking about the countdown that will start after the wedding: for my sisters baby
5. thinking that the coffee i make at home is the best in the world
6. that im loving my weddingdress when i thought i would hate it by now

so for the tagging... its hard! everybody has been tagged! Hope You haven't: Tommy, Emma and Ashley

UPDATE: i just posted this 5 min ago and already found out that two of the three had already been tagged! We are tagging in circles! SO i will also tag.... Joanne and Lynn & Horst!

UPDATE ON UPDATE: i give up! tag tag tag

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joanne said...

wow these tagging things go around fast! thanks for tagging me though :) maybe i'll have to come up with 12 things instead, haha...