okay, i will leave you with one more romantic wedding picture, before i leave the land of internet connections for a few days. there will probably be more wedding pictures later so don't start crying yet. now crying -thats something you do on your wedding day! lots of waterproof mascara was necessary. my sister had written a song for us that she sang in the church... wow. gulp. - the reason why i will be leaving for a few days is actually that im going to attend my cousins wedding! its gonna be cool being a wedding guest this time. my cousin danced and danced at our wedding so we are gonna dance and dance at theirs! I will see you sunday, when the weather forecast says this crazy summer heat will be gone and rain will fall..

> Joanne: Thank you! I love that you feel like a guest by looking at the pictures -thats a good party-sign!
> Karin: Thank you! we made all the food with the help of all our friends and family. the night before the wedding i sat down with two of my best friends and decorated cup-cakes and prepared sushi -and talked talked talked! it was the best way to spend the night before!
> Danica: the cupcakes were so amazing -something like 10 different kinds and lots of different toppings. im still eating left overs.
> Svanna: Tak tak tak! her er så næsten et billede for fra... men ikke helt! maybe later there will be one straight on.. OG velkommen hjem fra hvad der lyder som en helt vanvittig ferie!
> Famapa: Tak! Ha ha, i also thought before the wedding: "wonder if anybody will take a dip" -but i actually thought: "nah.. they don't wanna get out of their fancy clothes and mess up their hair".. BUT thank God they did! it was so much fun!
> Lisen: Tak! Vi huskede at det var JA man skulle sige :) They weather was soo hot and so perfect -yes: it all really was picture-perfect!
> Lottie: Thank you for the well-wishes and i love that the wonderfullness of the day shows in the pictures!
> Mal: Thank you! and yes -pink is awesome! i miss reykjavik! did you know i have lived there for a year?
> Maikki: Thank you! i loved my dress and shoes because they were perfect for dancing all night long :)
> Mieke Willems: i know the pictures take ages to load, but i love them big! Thanks for sticking around till they were ready :)
> K: Thank you. I loved loved loved the bouquet too! i did not see it untill half an hour before the wedding -a friend of the family had made it all from flowers from her garden. All i had told her was: Green :)
> Asphalt and air: Thank you kristi! im sorry for teasing a little bit :) im so happy!
> Maria, Lea, When skies are grey, Design for mankind, Marieke, ALL OF YOU: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.


Lynn and Horst said...


Maria said...

You both look sooo sweet!! Now I also wanna get married after seeing all your lovely wedding posts:)

Famapa said...

you two look fab in these pictures, I love how your dress looked finished and how it matched your hubby's shoes! Hope you have fun at your cousin's wedding!

asphaltandair said...

you two are such a sweet and beautiful couple.
wishing you both many, many happy days together.

design for mankind. said...

You are definitely a beautiful couple. Wow. Such an original wedding--- you look absolutely STUNNING and I cannot handle how AWESOME your dress is.


Lisen said...

Oh, gorgeous! Beautiful as they already said here, I agree! Now; live happily ever after! :D