they painted the square across the street pink. it look quite good and makes for good pictures. Rufus found it funny too -he normally HATES rainpuddles and won't go near them, but on all the pink he can't see them and wanders in to them unknowingly... we will try to make him swim next week.. i'll let you know.

>everybody: thank you for all the well-wishes! the weather forecast says sun sun sun so it could not be more perfect.
>Famapa: Yeah, you have to remember that its just the beginning. I can't wait to see what it is like being the bride. its a feeling you can't imagine.
>July stars: thank you. Whippets are really good in apartments (a greyhound would probably be too big) because they are really quiet inside and sleep alot -as long as you can take them for a run now and again.
>K: Yes i live on amager and have for three years now. im currently working on a blog about amager (in danish, where did you live? and why :) ?


karin said...

Uh-an extreme colour for a street. Anything looks a bit surreal on it.

Mal said...

I found that totally Awesome ! It's so boring to see everything in gray...


peace from Reykjavík

Anonymous said...

cool with pink!

sasha said...

that pink square is fantastic! and so are the shoes on top of it.