the tomato stuff from the other day looking good in its glasses. And a new-ish espresso maker from Bialetti. i usually prepare my espresso on my krups espresso machine and the milk on my Bialetti milk-foamer, because im not crazy about milk foam prepared on the machine with steam. this espresso maker is a nice alternative when i want a little more coffee and sometimes i drink it with cold milk the old fashion way. i have a picture of the dress waiting to be posted, but for some reason im a bit scared to do so.. maybe because you all liked the first peek, and it has changed.... i'll have to work up the courage.


Anonymous said...

3 generationers køkkentøj -smukt (mormors gryde, vores kedel, din kaffedims) knus Mutti
PS. kom så med billedet af den kjole

mette/ungt blod said...

Du har ret! nej hvor sjovt! Det havde jeg slet ikke tænkt på!