øens perle

we had lunch at our favourite local cafe. their specialities are toasts (as we call it here) or more correct grilled cheese sandwiches. Mine in the picture is with goat cheese, tomatoes and pesto in whole grain bread and with a really good salad. We don't go there as often as we would like because its a bit too expensive for us, but every single time we have been there the same old man is there. He has a standing order of coffee and what we call a rum ball -heated for exactly 20 sec. Then he sits outside if the weather is for it and talks to every body walking by. Several people even sat down and talked with him for a while before moving on. Except for his yellow beard, revealing that he might be a bit of a boozer, that is how i would like to be when im that old.


Maria said...

:D your description of the old man is wonderful.

..and I want to take a bite of that toast:)

Anonymous said...

his name is John !