wedding stuff

here is a peek at some wedding stuff! we will go into the final wedding planing mode today so i can't guarantee steady posting until sometime after this saturday! i will check in though so its not complete vacation time.

>Pom: you are right -im going triangle-crazy.
>Annie: i know the feeling -some times you just stick to what you know so you are surprised when you finally wander of to new places :)


may said...

all the best for your wedding!

asphaltandair said...

so sweet!

Famapa said...

you getting nervous yet? :)
hope it all goes well on the big day, it'll go by so quickly so make sure you relax and enjoy every minute of it! although I reckon the wedding day is only the beginning and the best is to come!

joanne said...

oh those are so adorable! best of luck with your wedding preparation and enjoy the big day!!! :)

Anonymous said...

oj, vad fina! :) lycka till med alla förberedelser, hoppas det blir sol på bröllopsdagen!! hurra!! :D