yesterday when i went shopping i saw this wonderful pink parasol blowing in the too cold wind. today i will make a list of things to be done before the wedding. and then i will do them. i need to find a goooood book to read soon or i will go crazy. but it has to be extremely good. Everything i have read since i read the Stieg Larsson trilogy last year has been... not good enough. any suggestions?


Famapa said...

I know the film was a bit poo but how about Ian McEwan's Atonement? One of my faves, such a shame Kiera Knightley had spoil it all... or Haruki Murakami's The Wind-up Bird Chronicle"... it's so weird but wonderful.. another fave is "Ask Dr Mueller" by Cookie Muller who was a very close friend of Nan Goldin. I think I might re-read that one soon... it's a bit hard to get so here's a link to amazon:

have a good day!

mette /ungt blod said...

thanks for the many suggestions! I have been thinking about reading haruki murakami for some time so maybe thats what i should go for

Anonymous said...

Anne B Ragde: BErlinerpoplerne, Eremitkrebsene og endnu et bind i serien som jeg ikke husker titlen på lige nu

lisen said...

så fint o roligt parasoll!! :D

Anne said...

Åh, en sån fin blogg det här är!!

The End of Mr Y av Scarlett Thomas!! Spännande.


Kavalier & Clay av Micheal Chabon,
Perfekt sommarläsning, en tjock bok man vill ta med sig överallt. En historia som har allt.