sunday delights

why does sunday delights sound better than monday delights? why does an afternoon snack seem more special on sundays than thursdays? of course its because of the weekend, but for the past six months i have gone to work saturdays and sundays and done much less on weekdays -so why is it still like this? now its soon time for both working weekends and going more to school, so we will see.

> Emma: :) i have this childhood memory of eating potato-smørrebrød with mayo. i would never dream of making it here at home, but every once in a while -if perhaps we are visiting D's grandma, i will truly enjoy a piece potato-smørrebrød
> Sasha: I think its people like us who has to get in early with some cool names. i have not found one yet
> Júlía: Deal! i bet you can't even get real rugbrød or real spegepølse in reykjavik, so i will definitely have to mail you one. When we lived in reykjavik i so remember writing my mom asking her to send all kinds of things -the the customs office confiscating it all!
> Famapa: Yeah! i have been totally knitting swedish! maybe im subconsciously nervous about the class im going to follow in malmö this fall... hmm.. today is totally summer and i can't believe that the weather forecast for tomorrow says thunder! and NO its not a coffee table in the picture :( its a food-stool-thing which is no good for coffee because it is sort of curved -but really good for feet!
> Gracia: Thank you! sometimes photographs can show you all the good colours in your life you don't notice otherwise!



... so this is what it feels like getting used to global warming and changes in seasons... i thought this the other day. it feels like a new kind of season. with some early fall in august and (maybe) some late summer in September. Wonder what these new kinds of seasons will be called.. (p.s. i don't know if i have showed you this before, but look at the seletti waterbottle that we have bought (on the floor in the last pic) I love it!)

> Maikki: thanks. im still thinking names -because it could be personal and you could be like; "I want to eat of Dennis to day"
> Pop life: Thank you -i think i take that as a big compliment, even though im not sure what it means.
> Famapa: NOT paris hilton or britney spears! more like johnny for johnny cash :) i like the idea of hello in different language!
> Mettsch: Thank you so much! i think it might be a fluke that it turned out so good! -so i don't know that im ready for orders! also -the thought of having to sew in different sizes has always freighted me! (p.s. my mom always called me mettsch or metts when i was little :) )
> Bill and Fanny: THANKS! you are awesome!
> Hello sparrow: Good idea -it also made me think that maybe you could write out different types of laughter -like hiii hiii hiii or ho ho ho or HA!



the ideas have not exactly been flowing today so i thought i would bring some inspiration. This is a piece of smørrebrød that Dennis made when he was a kid and i would like the words to be like this -you know elegant black writing on white plates and then the words should be like this! i'll give you some more time to think about it...


i need your help and inspiration! i want to write words on out plates to fresh them up, but im having trouble with which words! there need to be some sort of system to it and i think quotes are too corny -so any suggestions to "word groups" i could use? i though about names -starting with everybody we know and mixing in random/strange/celebrity names... i don't know.. help! (p.s. the plate in the picture was a test of the pen and says "taber" = loser)

> Maria: if you promise to come everyday i will totally open a soft-ice shop in this building!
> Marieke: Yeah -it would be cool if all signs were cubes!
> Astphalt an...: I just saw a mental picture of a room filled with soft-ice from floor to ceiling! yummy!
> Joanne: Exactly!



(p.s. a boat to go with my dream car - found via ffffound)

Juju's delivery + # 100

here is another fantastic find through pop pervert! Juju's delivery. this is like the most perfectly decorated building ever. im so in love with it! i want to open a soft-ice shop inside it! There are lots of other great stuff at Juju's site, so go look!

> Emma: Yeah exactly! i would be like: was it just a regular stop sign or what just happened!
> Mieke Willems: Thats the thing -my hand trouble is because i am overeager to finish my scarves! When i get even the slightest bit close to finishing i won't take a break!
> Niller: im glad you have seen it too so we know it is real! but what is it all about? are they trying out new shapes because copenhageners overlook regular signs? its kinda clever!
> Alice: every time somebody comments on these pictures i dream my way back to them -so keep it up!



biking home through copenhagen this saturday night D and i saw this big stop-cube. I don't know if it is for real. It looked surreal.. yesterday was our one month wedding anniversary. We talked about how lucky we are to have each other and rufus and our home and family. lucky lucky lucky.

> Lea: Thanks! i have made fabric-bows previously but knit is so nice.
> Maria: I hope i can get back to knitting soon too. Our closet / klædeskab is a whole wall in our bedroom. i build it my self out of some ikea basics and some home made shelfs. i meant to put up doors or something but its been to difficult to choose the right material.
> .girl ferment.: i keep returning to those pictures because the weather is so grey now.
> Sandra: Yeah, bows can cheer up any outfit!
> Maikki: I wear scarves all the time too. so i guess its okay to just knit a whole bunch -forget about sweaters and complicated patterns
> Júlía: raspberries are quiet expensive here too, but probably not as much as in iceland! i do remember those food-prices! I have been doing sort of a swedish theme with alot of yellow and blues! im gonna attach them to a dress or sweater or coat with safety pins to dress up an outfit -you can put them anywhere!
> Hila: Nice to hear from you and thank you! maybe i should put them in to production -if only my hand would stop objecting to knitting!!



since i can't knit any more for now because of my hand, i might as well show you some of what i have made so far! im really happy about the bows that you can attach to anything but i also can't wait to wear the long multicoloured one (here tied in to a bow...). its gonna be a colourful fall!

> Karin + Emma: I was The mousse is made of melted chocolate mixed with an espresso shot and two egg yolks and then added to whipped cream. mmmmmmmm indeed.



chocolate mousse with raspberries! mmm.... one of my favourite desserts


a wall where there used to be posters all over is all empty. i have had to take a brake from knitting because of some trouble in my hand caused by the repetitive motion :( actually i should probably not do much of any thing to give it as much rest as possible, but thats too difficult.

> Kimberly: The food as this party was so so delicious! i have been dreaming of it ever since!
> Steph: Im so happy you like the dress. im kinda of proud that it turned out so good! i don't know what the purple flower is called -so if anybody else does...


good times

last night was a good bye party for one of my sweet girls who is going to study in vienna. it was gooood times with gooood food and i wore this dress that i made some time ago. im really really happy with it.

> Sandra: it does give more floorspace, but i also miss something to "sit around".. im learning to live with out it.
> Emma: YEah! he can take my coffee table, but he can't stop me from putting my coffee down!
> Famapa: for D i think its very much so a question of decluttering! he feels like he has to prevent as many furniture as possible or our apartment would be full! ...maybe he is right..
> Marie-Louise: Tak for besøget! håber du kan lide det! jeg viser noget af mit strikning snart!
> Astphalt...: there definitely is something with men and coffeetables! strange!
> Maria: I have so many scarfs and has give so many away! because i can only knit straight ahead i try doing things with it such as braiding it, making chains and recently is started making bows -i will show some soon!
> good luck with the knitting! i really like my new coffee arrangement! maybe its a good thing i don't just have a coffee table -makes you think creatively!
> Sabine: I lige måde! og tak! håber der bliver bare en lille smule mere god sommer at have!



don't have any time today, so i will just leave you with this photo! see you tomorrow! have a nice weekend all.


a place to keep your coffee

Drinking coffee in the sofa and knitting. I have been knitting as if i worked in a knittingfactory. Rufus is the boss in the factory but i won't get my pay until 2018. I don't know how to knit anything fun so i just knit tons of scarves! back to the coffee; D doesn't want us to have a coffee table by the sofa (i don't know it its because he does not drink coffee him self...) so i have to find good places to put down my coffee. this one is quiet a success because it also keeps the coffee warm :)

> Marybell: Ja, gør det! god fornøjelse til brylluppet! Hils brudeparret og sig tillykke!
> Klatschmohn: Thank you so much! so nice to hear from you!
> Sasha + When skies are..: I will take that as a compliment cus it think the fields are just beautiful :)
> Lisen: as long as you didn't think he was trying to catch rain or something :)
> Lottie: Im betting on a warm September! it can't be all over!
> Anna, Emma, Maria, Veja Cecilia, Karin: It looks so unreal! i don't know if it even can be real?? its almost to beautiful to be... but yes, i want a carpet like that! or maybe i could try to paint it..



i love these photos -its too beautiful to be true! i found them at Dear Ada and she let me to this cool blog

more gifts

another gift that i really love! its from my sister and her man and you can use them as vases -allthough i really like them as they are too! i found a really good place for them too! the only problem is: i do not remember who made them! -does anyone of you know? -please tell me!

> Lynn & Horst: i love your comments! thank you!
> Lisen: He is trying to catch peanuts! is it not obvious? :) well skåne is really danish anyway... D just read somewhere that people have started calling Malmö Copenhagen M (like we call other parts of copenhagen, copenhagen n or v or ø :) i haven't heard my self yet, but i have heard that the city of cph wants to open kinder gardens in malmö.. we are slowly taking skåne back :)
> D F M: yeah is D not cute?


more sailing

more pictures from the wonderful lakes of silkeborg. summer truly has gone missing. here anyway.

> Lisen: I grew up in a town called Silkeborg in Jylland. We lived in this wonderful house in the center of town but still with a big garden and right on the lake and the forest. its pretty unique! i never thought about the roofs made of straw being special to Denmark -you don't have that in sweden?
> Famapa: yeah,i think im being a bit nostalgic about the summer that is gone way to fast. Im living through my summer memories these days and its a bit to early.
> Maikki: Yeah teenagers are not that good at appreciating what they have got. We live sort of close to the beach and Øresund, but i really really miss a forest to walk in.
> Infing: Tak, tak, tak! Det er det bedste at høre fra nye læsere! håber du vil kigge forbi igen!
> Maria: yeah, but i still can't imagine moving back to a town like silkeborg... its a dilemma.
> Gracia: When its cold out side its okay to jump in to a summer dream world...
> Karin: Yeah i have made some great finds there.


sailing silkeborg

the place where i grew up is full of beautiful lakes and forests which makes for beautiful sailing. There are not many things about the town that i like, but i love my childhood home (where we held the wedding) and i love the nature around the city (the way you do when you are not a true nature child -i mean i don't want it to sound like i was constantly hiking through the woods when i lived there....) when we stayed there this summer we went sailing with D's dad and this is (some of) what it looked like.

> Lisen: Our old dog, Fido, was a beagle and they snore really really loudly! compared to that Rufus is quiet as a mouse.
> Camilla: They are so cool! but i can't stop by Stockholm and pick up a pair! ...i saw some in copenhagen from something called swedish hasbeens -they are quiet nice but also a bit expensive :(
> Maria: You are welcome, i like putting pretty things on my site.
> Joanne: Yeah, last fall in Malmö :)