maybe a week in Italy followed by two weeks in Africa? would that not be nice? i want to go to kenya some time -visit karen blixens farm! but when am i ever gonna get the money for that? the beautiful photographs are by Lyle Owerko and i found them over at Form Fifty Five. luckily sunday in copenhagen isn't too bad either.

> Lottie: yeah a nice lasagne is always delicious. i have never seen a Sol beer in such a bottle -D and i stole it from my dad when we visited!
> Maria: I know -time and money is always in demand. i really need the money! i'll do the apartment tour soon!
> Emma: Ha, i like that you are most jealous you have been in your life! im almost jealous at my self too! it so great. I have had a really long vacation, but as school is getting closer im wanting more! more vacation!

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