copenhagen > < århus

there is an eternal dilemma i my world. its called århus > < copenhagen. my sister lives in århus. with her boyfriend. and soon their child. my parents live close to århus, and in a few years they will actually move there. D's sister lives there. and his parents live close by. and his grandparents. there are pretty views and the best ice cream in the world in århus. we live in copenhagen. our friends live here. our educations are here and only here. i like it here. i really like it here. denmark should be small enough that living in the other end of the country is no problem. and it is not a problem. its just a dilemma.


Famapa said...

oh I know exactly what you mean, I'm the only one here, although actually my sister's been living here for the past few years... but there's a huge age gap (8 years) so we don't hang out a lot. all my friends and family are scattered across the globe. every single one of them. it sucks. I do love visiting them though, it's feels even more special to see them and I'm sure if they were all here I'd take them for granted and not see them that much. at least we have our hubbies by our side, right?!

Mal said...

My dilemma is far more problematic. I live in Reykjavik, my family in Paris and my friends are spread around Europe in Finland, England, Greece, Spain and so on.
Taking some days off, a flight and spending some time with them is not always very easy.
But I guess that's the 21st century globalization spirit ;)

D said...

I WANT ICE-CREAM! And my sister-in-law and my soundguy!

when skies are grey said...

I represent the side that moved to be closer to family, but yet I would never have picked this state to live in on my own (waaay too hot). I miss my friends, even more so when they visit and I am reminded of how much I adore them. I think it's the having a kid thing that makes the difference. And as famapa says, when you have you hubby/best freind with you it doesn't matter where you are :)