gift 2

more gifts! you saw them in use in the last post: the fabulous milk jug from Seletti whos products i want many more of! especially the water"bottles". and the just as fabulous cups from.. yes where are they from?? i actually don't know cause i have not been able to read the name on the bottom! the are bought at the wonderful store Stilleben here in copenhagen and if anybody know the designer please write! we just wrote "Ghost cups from stilleben" on our wish-list! and we still got them! 6 in 3 different designs. love them. Thanks Louise, Rasmus, Tommy, Doris, Gitte, Ole, Steffen and Caroline!

>Maria: they are some very good gifts indeed!
>Lisen: Yes i actually think i like the cups with the little faces the best!
>Mettch: Yeah i did not watch a single minute of the olympics (i do like the horse riding-competitions though) -i just finished Kafka on the shore and im starting the wind-up bird chronicle today!
>Maikki: That is exactly what i remember from my childhood: walking in the forest near where i grew up and picking blueberries along the way! i wanna do that again! can you grow blueberries inside i wonder?
>Kimberly: i too think having a child will make a huge difference. my sister is having her first child this fall and i can feel how this enhances the distance! and its not even my child! its a tough dilemma and i will just try to let it rest until we have finished school -its the best "excuse" for staying here!


lisen said...

Hey, top pic is lovley, looks like a perfect evening, wedding or not!

It's really good with tips for weddingpresents...I cant decide...we are invited for a wedding we cant go to :( (same weekend we're moving...) Its sad.

But of course we want to buy some really nice present....and its so much to choose from..and at the same time so hard.... I guess the best things is those you really love yourself, something you would want to have at home..and of course think THEY would like too.

I LOVE the face-cup...cant you ask where they bougt it? hehe :)

.girl ferment. said...

I love those gifts.
by the way i am in Australia, so the snow is very rare for us.

Maria said...

soo nice! thanks for the info, I think I have to get that milk jug !!
I like that picture with the 3 cups when you can see your man scratching his head in the background:D

emma said...

soooo beautiful pictures and i now wish you 2 THE BEST and CONGRATULATIONS to this happening of LOVE! :D been away for a while so now when i'm home again its just filled in here with romantic beautiful pics and things! WOW! all of my best wishes. love the porcelain and ... well, all photos. looks like a real party with yummy food...!

Cari said...

Those ceramics are awesome. What lovely photos!