more gifts! this is a Krups toaster! (for making grilled cheese sandwiches -i don't know the correct english term) i fell in love with the design some years ago, but a toast-machine is so 90ies! -except: grilled cheese sandwiches are the best and fastest hot lunch! cheese + baked cherry-tomatoes + fresh herbs + black olives and a little olive oil on the outside = YUMMY! and it takes no time at all! also good as a late night snack. Thanks Per, Mona, Lars and Merete!

>Lisen: yeah, they don't seem to exist at all on the internet -and as i have said before: if something does not exist online, i find myself doubting it exists at all :) just kidding.
> Maria: i know the feeling. im planning a trip around town to the best second hand stores! its a long trip... i could get expensive!


Leililaloo said...

your blog is WAUW!!! i never seen such a layout, it's gorgeous!!!

Lisen said...

haha, :) toast is great!

say hello to the Darklings-darlings from me ;)

Maria said...

Go great! From here it looks a bit like a drill-box:) i want one too!