gift4 - David Shrigley

possibly the best gift we got for our wedding was this David Shrigley print from all our best friends! it was not for sale unless you know someone who knows someone! ain't it cool? i finally hung it on our living room wall (after i photographed it..) and i love having it around! thanks you guys!

> Sandra: Yeah and a little bit cautious which is good around guns!
> Lisen: Ha, ha -i think it would be really scary if it made the sound of a gun! especially because he likes to sneak up on us at night! great clip!
> Brinja: i always think pictures where you really model the clothes look kind of.. stuck up, and you can't really see the clothes if its on a hanger. i guess the best think is having photographs of the clothes "in action" , being used, but thats hard to plan.
> Sasha: Yeah, i have made a lot of beds for rufus already -this one was a bit messy: i bought a duvet and cut it up in a cross, sewed the edges and sewed it together. there were feathers all over and it was really hard to sew in, but he really like it! i recently made him an extra bed/pillow for the living room. i'll show it soon.
> .girl ferment.: yes he is a real girl about that! i guess its sort of understandable because he is almost only skin and bones, but its funny how you can trick him to think its more soft with a canvas bag!


Famapa said...

haha, that's brilliant! and what great friends! sometimes I find shrigley hilarious and other times not so much... this is one of the best ones I've seen though. love how the passpartout is cut :)

Lisen said...

Im jealous, yes I am. :) have a nice weekend!

ola said...

hey mette; I failed, small pictures enough, decided, basta. but I go on enjoying your wonderful big pictures and your afterweddingeffects. ola

Maria said...

what a great gift!I'm sure it looks very nice on your wall:)

emma said...

I'm jealous too. Like... never been so jealous in My life. haha. SO nice, you're lucky! ! !