good times

last night was a good bye party for one of my sweet girls who is going to study in vienna. it was gooood times with gooood food and i wore this dress that i made some time ago. im really really happy with it.

> Sandra: it does give more floorspace, but i also miss something to "sit around".. im learning to live with out it.
> Emma: YEah! he can take my coffee table, but he can't stop me from putting my coffee down!
> Famapa: for D i think its very much so a question of decluttering! he feels like he has to prevent as many furniture as possible or our apartment would be full! ...maybe he is right..
> Marie-Louise: Tak for besøget! håber du kan lide det! jeg viser noget af mit strikning snart!
> Astphalt...: there definitely is something with men and coffeetables! strange!
> Maria: I have so many scarfs and has give so many away! because i can only knit straight ahead i try doing things with it such as braiding it, making chains and recently is started making bows -i will show some soon!
> good luck with the knitting! i really like my new coffee arrangement! maybe its a good thing i don't just have a coffee table -makes you think creatively!
> Sabine: I lige måde! og tak! håber der bliver bare en lille smule mere god sommer at have!


when skies are grey said...

YUM, I will not tire of your food pictures! Everything always looks so good to me, if only I could just have a wee taste :)

steph. said...

WOW that dress is brilliant! so beautiful, i'm green with envy (at both the dress and your incredible sewing skills!)

and I love those pom-pom flowers, I see them everywhere. do you know what they are called?

Maria said...

Lovely dress!!! you seem to have a big "klädställning":) we share a really small one, and it's so overfilled with our clothes, need a bigger one!

Mettch said...

what an unbelievably gorgeous dress! i have a thing for anything with bows on it.. do you take orders? ;)