do you know how hard it is to photograph a grasshopper?? hard.

>design for mankind: YAY
>maikki: you are so right! going out makes coming home good -and its all about taking advantage of the sunshine hours. today the rain and wind has been crazy and i have stayed home looking and listening. I you could blog a sound, i would blog the sound of heavy rain on a tent in the middle of the night.


Lynn and Horst said...

and do you know how hard it is to catch one? hard. especially when you are a kid and too strong and killing the little hoppies...with nothing but a slimy something in your guilty hands.

Maria said...

I can imagine:) but it's a nice shot you got!

Júlía. said...

We don't have grasshoppers in Iceland. You did good capturing one on film! :)

karin said...

You got him :)