i need your help and inspiration! i want to write words on out plates to fresh them up, but im having trouble with which words! there need to be some sort of system to it and i think quotes are too corny -so any suggestions to "word groups" i could use? i though about names -starting with everybody we know and mixing in random/strange/celebrity names... i don't know.. help! (p.s. the plate in the picture was a test of the pen and says "taber" = loser)

> Maria: if you promise to come everyday i will totally open a soft-ice shop in this building!
> Marieke: Yeah -it would be cool if all signs were cubes!
> Astphalt an...: I just saw a mental picture of a room filled with soft-ice from floor to ceiling! yummy!
> Joanne: Exactly!


Anonymous said...

What a neat idea!

I can't come up with any good ideas for words to put on them right now but if I do I'll let you know. Names isn't a bad idea at all.

POP LIFE said...

nice blog - untidy - like a house, or a living place - real


Famapa said...

no celebrities! they suck (I have an aversion..) or maybe you meant talented people, not the likes of paris hilton, kate moss etc. hmm.. can't think of anything though... what about "hello" in different languages? or "now do the washing up" "you make the pudding" or song titles?? what a great idea though! :0)

Anonymous said...

such a great idea!

what about onomatopoiea, words that describe sounds and noises? like tick-tock, meow, ka-boom?

Júlía. said...

Colors would be cool. I also thought names would be kindof cool. Or the word "food" in different languages or something.

I don't knooow. Haha.

grasswire said...

I'd go for writers (just names, no surnames) or toy with titles of books or music albums. Sounds like fun, might even try it myself :)

Anonymous said...

"That wasn't chicken."

Anonymous said...

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