home sweet home

phew... finally home again -as husband and wife but otherwise just home sweet home. im really much much better at being home than being away! though it has been a wonderful couple of weeks and so perfect to finish it of with another banging wedding party! dance dance dance. it was beautiful! im just gonna relax the rest of the evening with my dog and my man -later all the presents will arrive -i haven't even told you about the presents yet! later..

> lynn & horst: No, you are lovely!
> .girl ferment.: i love that its just alot of heads bobbing around :)
> maria: GET MARRIED! i can only recommend it so far
> júlía: HI! i know you kinda internet-know D :) so nice of you to stop by and so cool that you like it!
> famapa: yeah -the colour match between the shoes and the dress really looked better than i had even hoped!
> asphalt and air: thank you so much for all the sweet words! i loved the back detail too -and the laughter-pictures of me and sigrid! there are so many good once.
> design for mankind: THANKS! the dress has been such a roller-coaster to make, but im so in love with it! and i was perfect for the hot summer party!
> sasha: Thank you, i love the photo from the back too!
> Lisen: we have already begun!


sandra said...

yeah yeah yeah hurray for you!!!

design for mankind. said...


Anonymous said...

I guess being away is what makes being at home so good. I'm trying to go out as much as possible now that it's still summer as I know that once winter comes I'll just prefer staying inside and away from the cold and dark!