Juju's delivery + # 100

here is another fantastic find through pop pervert! Juju's delivery. this is like the most perfectly decorated building ever. im so in love with it! i want to open a soft-ice shop inside it! There are lots of other great stuff at Juju's site, so go look!

> Emma: Yeah exactly! i would be like: was it just a regular stop sign or what just happened!
> Mieke Willems: Thats the thing -my hand trouble is because i am overeager to finish my scarves! When i get even the slightest bit close to finishing i won't take a break!
> Niller: im glad you have seen it too so we know it is real! but what is it all about? are they trying out new shapes because copenhageners overlook regular signs? its kinda clever!
> Alice: every time somebody comments on these pictures i dream my way back to them -so keep it up!


Maria said...

I like it too!! would be great if you had a soft-ice shop there;) I'd come by every day! thanks for the description of your "wardrobe", a supergreat invention!

asphaltandair said...

so good!!!
and with soft ice inside, it would be even better...mmmm....