when we were in århus i took a trip down memory lane eating a hokie at the place i used to go with my sister a long time ago: i went to boarding school just outside århus and my sister had just gotten her first apartment i town -the best thing for a 15 year old girl like me was to visit my cool older sister, sitting at cafés and learning to drink café latte. Rufus was a good sport and accepted my canvas bag as a bed (he will not, i repeat not! lie directly on the ground...:)

> Leililaloo: Thanks! im so glad you like it! cus i dooooo!
> Lisen: i will give them your best when i drink coffee or eat chocolate pastels out of them!
> Cari: It really does!
> Lea: ha ha, what a fancy comparison!
> Emma: :) :) the basil is brand new! i just bought it and had not picked a single leave off it. today though, it looks very very sad! not fit at all :) im really bad at herbs -especially because its not very expensive to buy them at the supermarket :)
> Anne: i find it sort of vulgar, but i don't know why....
> Karin: -as i revealed to Emma, i had just bought them when i took the picture and now the look all sad and unhealthy..
> Maria: its not even that expensive and im loving toasts all day long


Lisen said...

hey, rufus! was he with you at the wedding? have'nt thought about it until now.. :) You like sneakers? I dont know if you've already seen this, a favourite of mine, love his work; (last poster,'ll like it?!) :D I do.

(actually bought a limited print from him yesterday to give my wedding-friends! Puh. I can sleep now..)

lottie said...

i've never seen a hokie before - it looks fantastic.
what is it?!