more sailing

more pictures from the wonderful lakes of silkeborg. summer truly has gone missing. here anyway.

> Lisen: I grew up in a town called Silkeborg in Jylland. We lived in this wonderful house in the center of town but still with a big garden and right on the lake and the forest. its pretty unique! i never thought about the roofs made of straw being special to Denmark -you don't have that in sweden?
> Famapa: yeah,i think im being a bit nostalgic about the summer that is gone way to fast. Im living through my summer memories these days and its a bit to early.
> Maikki: Yeah teenagers are not that good at appreciating what they have got. We live sort of close to the beach and Øresund, but i really really miss a forest to walk in.
> Infing: Tak, tak, tak! Det er det bedste at høre fra nye læsere! håber du vil kigge forbi igen!
> Maria: yeah, but i still can't imagine moving back to a town like silkeborg... its a dilemma.
> Gracia: When its cold out side its okay to jump in to a summer dream world...
> Karin: Yeah i have made some great finds there.


Lynn and Horst said...

your posts are amazin
i'm in love with you two sweeties

lisen said...

What's he doing?? :)

The roofs - Hm, I think its quite much danish...(?) But I think they have roofs like that in the southest parts of Sweden, like Skåne, too. But not in the rest of the country, not that I've seen..

design for mankind. said...

You guys are just the cutest things in the world. ;)

lottie said...

summer has gone missing here too.
gone, gone, gone...