there is something really off with the proportions in the first photograph, don't you think? its Rufus and me watching the men putting up the tent for our wedding. we were soo lucky with the weather! Right now rufus is lying on his bed twitching and "whopping" -thats the sound he makes when he dreams! he will move his feet as if he is running and say "whop - whoop". Its not very loud but its very sweet! only a few times he has growled while sleeping, so i think he mostly have fun dreams!

> Alice: yeah, you will have to remember to visit copenhagen! where in sweden are you moving?


Lisen said...

Its one of the best sounds, when a dog dreams. Stina also sounds like that, and also; Mrrrrr.mrrrrrrrrrrr! sometimes. :)

Maria said...

:)) oh so cute!!

joanne said...

wow - you mean one of the members of radio dept. was your teacher?! :O cause that would be AMAZING!!

gorgeous embroidery by the way :)