a place to keep your coffee

Drinking coffee in the sofa and knitting. I have been knitting as if i worked in a knittingfactory. Rufus is the boss in the factory but i won't get my pay until 2018. I don't know how to knit anything fun so i just knit tons of scarves! back to the coffee; D doesn't want us to have a coffee table by the sofa (i don't know it its because he does not drink coffee him self...) so i have to find good places to put down my coffee. this one is quiet a success because it also keeps the coffee warm :)

> Marybell: Ja, gør det! god fornøjelse til brylluppet! Hils brudeparret og sig tillykke!
> Klatschmohn: Thank you so much! so nice to hear from you!
> Sasha + When skies are..: I will take that as a compliment cus it think the fields are just beautiful :)
> Lisen: as long as you didn't think he was trying to catch rain or something :)
> Lottie: Im betting on a warm September! it can't be all over!
> Anna, Emma, Maria, Veja Cecilia, Karin: It looks so unreal! i don't know if it even can be real?? its almost to beautiful to be... but yes, i want a carpet like that! or maybe i could try to paint it..


sandra said...

i threw out my coffee table earlier this year to get more space, but damn how i miss having somewhere to put the coffee/tea. your solution made me smile :)

emma said...

Haha, I love the solution to! Anarchy! ;) Looks cosy by the way , with all knitting and the colours of the yarn.

Famapa said...

my hubby wants to get rid of ours too! what is with men and not wanting coffee tables? I like your improvised resting spot though :)

I need to get my knitting on too, I started this huge scarf in march and haven't touched it all summer and I'll need quite soon I reckon!

have a great weekend!

Marie-Louise said...

Ungt blod - det är första gången jag tittar in här...ett så dramatiskt namn,det lockar... Och vilken fin sida, lycka till med stickningen!

asphaltandair said...

i like your clever coffee holder/warmer.
my husband also has something against coffee tables. he says that they are always ugly...
i'm not sure i agree.

Maria said...

hihi:) I like it too! And the yarn colours looks very nice, I'm sure you make the most beautiful scarfs!
I used to knit one or two scarfs every winter, didn't do it last year, but this year I will! it's so much fun, and relaxing.

Anne said...

Oh, that coffee looks real nice and snug:)
...good to hear I am not the only one doing frantic knitting at the moment, I'm desperately trying to finish a baby blanket for Thursday when I am to go see the mother and baby.