sailing silkeborg

the place where i grew up is full of beautiful lakes and forests which makes for beautiful sailing. There are not many things about the town that i like, but i love my childhood home (where we held the wedding) and i love the nature around the city (the way you do when you are not a true nature child -i mean i don't want it to sound like i was constantly hiking through the woods when i lived there....) when we stayed there this summer we went sailing with D's dad and this is (some of) what it looked like.

> Lisen: Our old dog, Fido, was a beagle and they snore really really loudly! compared to that Rufus is quiet as a mouse.
> Camilla: They are so cool! but i can't stop by Stockholm and pick up a pair! ...i saw some in copenhagen from something called swedish hasbeens -they are quiet nice but also a bit expensive :(
> Maria: You are welcome, i like putting pretty things on my site.
> Joanne: Yeah, last fall in Malmö :)


lisen said...

Looks lika wonderful place! What's it called. I've been a lot in Denmark as a child... hm, but I dont remember the names...just one - Tisvildeleje. I remember I liked it, we rented a house there with a roof made of straw(?) exotic ;)

hihi, beagles are very cute!

Famapa said...

mmmm, nice to see some summer! it's is totally over here... oh well, I'll just imagine going for a dip in these pictures instead. what a lovely spot!

Anonymous said...

It looks really lovely in your pictures.

I really like the town I grew up in too. Since I moved to Helsinki I have noticed that I miss more the closeness of nature, having even a tiny wood right at your backyard.

Funny how I didn't think it all was so great when I was a teenager but now I actually miss the place a lot! It's not too far though, so I can visit every week and my parents still live there.

Maria said...

oooh, it looks so wonderful! I also love my childhood surroundings. it's best to grow up near the nature!

gracia said...

Wishing I could fall right into these photos... i't's cold here and the natural world you document looks so luminous.

.girl ferment. said...

truly gorgeous.

Alice said...

so very beautiful !! so pure water and pretty relaxing lanscapes..