... so this is what it feels like getting used to global warming and changes in seasons... i thought this the other day. it feels like a new kind of season. with some early fall in august and (maybe) some late summer in September. Wonder what these new kinds of seasons will be called.. (p.s. i don't know if i have showed you this before, but look at the seletti waterbottle that we have bought (on the floor in the last pic) I love it!)

> Maikki: thanks. im still thinking names -because it could be personal and you could be like; "I want to eat of Dennis to day"
> Pop life: Thank you -i think i take that as a big compliment, even though im not sure what it means.
> Famapa: NOT paris hilton or britney spears! more like johnny for johnny cash :) i like the idea of hello in different language!
> Mettsch: Thank you so much! i think it might be a fluke that it turned out so good! -so i don't know that im ready for orders! also -the thought of having to sew in different sizes has always freighted me! (p.s. my mom always called me mettsch or metts when i was little :) )
> Bill and Fanny: THANKS! you are awesome!
> Hello sparrow: Good idea -it also made me think that maybe you could write out different types of laughter -like hiii hiii hiii or ho ho ho or HA!


sasha said...

yes, i'm thinking about these "new" seasons all the time, too. summer is not quite summer and winter is not quite winter in new york anymore. it has been a gradual change. interesting, this idea of new names, for the gradual process of entering a new time.

Famapa said...

hey, you're knitting the swedish flag!!!
and that bottle is so lovely, I've wanted one for years... is that a coffee table I spy in the bottome picture? or a lovely chair?

we had a freakishly hot day today and it felt weird even though it shouldn't (it's officially still summer right?). people were so relaxed and happy and I thought what a shame that we had such a poor summer this year as I prefer relaxed and happy londoners to miserable and grumbling ones ;0)

gracia said...

All the colour so rich and bright... it is so great to see your photos.

"Infing" said...

Men åhhh...vilka vackra moln!

Vilken härlig blogg du har!

Maria said...

I agree about the weather conditions. Soon we have to celebrate christmas in March or something..
Those sky pics are just great! The waterbottle...I want:)

(and yes, I would come by the soft ice-shop every day, i vått och torrt! ;D)

Alice said...

oh i miss the danish sky, it can be so dramatic sometimes...
we should invent new names for these new seasons :D hmm i'll think about it :)