biking home through copenhagen this saturday night D and i saw this big stop-cube. I don't know if it is for real. It looked surreal.. yesterday was our one month wedding anniversary. We talked about how lucky we are to have each other and rufus and our home and family. lucky lucky lucky.

> Lea: Thanks! i have made fabric-bows previously but knit is so nice.
> Maria: I hope i can get back to knitting soon too. Our closet / klædeskab is a whole wall in our bedroom. i build it my self out of some ikea basics and some home made shelfs. i meant to put up doors or something but its been to difficult to choose the right material.
> .girl ferment.: i keep returning to those pictures because the weather is so grey now.
> Sandra: Yeah, bows can cheer up any outfit!
> Maikki: I wear scarves all the time too. so i guess its okay to just knit a whole bunch -forget about sweaters and complicated patterns
> Júlía: raspberries are quiet expensive here too, but probably not as much as in iceland! i do remember those food-prices! I have been doing sort of a swedish theme with alot of yellow and blues! im gonna attach them to a dress or sweater or coat with safety pins to dress up an outfit -you can put them anywhere!
> Hila: Nice to hear from you and thank you! maybe i should put them in to production -if only my hand would stop objecting to knitting!!


emma said...

congratulations to the "first" anniversary! :) that cube looks surreal for sure, but it was a good thing that you took a picture, or else you maybe thought it was a dream...!

nilleren said...

i saw the same cube (or a similar one at least) at "kongens have" today...

Marieke - Treats & Treasures said...

What a cool cube!