summer dinner

summer dining. i wanna go on a vacation again (and i haven't even started school yet)

> Famapa: Yeah i know what you mean, i can't really explain what i like about David Shrigley, many of the things he does you could just as well hate, but there is just something there.
> Lisen: I know you are.. :)
> Ola: Okay, okay, it can be quiet complicated, and im possibly not the best teacher either. maybe you will find somebody who knows html who can help you go big. But no matter what i will be happy to know you enjoy my big pictures and i will keep stopping by too.
> Maria: im thinking of doing a tour of our apartment sometime soon, when a few more things are in place, so you will be able to see just how good it looks on our walls!


lottie said...

your dinner looks amazing!

Maria said...

looks great! I want to go on vacation too, would be soo great to travel somewhere for a week or so before the school starts. for that I need time and money:/
Would be SUPER if you showed pictures of your apartment!!!

emma said...

I have that feeling to. Started work agaoin now last week... felt strange. Fun, but...odd.?
I'm hungry, and... now I'm hungrier. Gots to go eat. :)