sunday delights

why does sunday delights sound better than monday delights? why does an afternoon snack seem more special on sundays than thursdays? of course its because of the weekend, but for the past six months i have gone to work saturdays and sundays and done much less on weekdays -so why is it still like this? now its soon time for both working weekends and going more to school, so we will see.

> Emma: :) i have this childhood memory of eating potato-smørrebrød with mayo. i would never dream of making it here at home, but every once in a while -if perhaps we are visiting D's grandma, i will truly enjoy a piece potato-smørrebrød
> Sasha: I think its people like us who has to get in early with some cool names. i have not found one yet
> Júlía: Deal! i bet you can't even get real rugbrød or real spegepølse in reykjavik, so i will definitely have to mail you one. When we lived in reykjavik i so remember writing my mom asking her to send all kinds of things -the the customs office confiscating it all!
> Famapa: Yeah! i have been totally knitting swedish! maybe im subconsciously nervous about the class im going to follow in malmö this fall... hmm.. today is totally summer and i can't believe that the weather forecast for tomorrow says thunder! and NO its not a coffee table in the picture :( its a food-stool-thing which is no good for coffee because it is sort of curved -but really good for feet!
> Gracia: Thank you! sometimes photographs can show you all the good colours in your life you don't notice otherwise!


Diana said...

I actually like thursday or tuesday or monday delights aswell because they give you a bit of a weekend- feeling in the middle of the week!

you have a really sweet cup!

Alice said...

so kiddy cute !!

Lisen said...

Sweet cup!! :D

Erika said...

Thats a Briard. I love love love Briards.