tomatoes and peppers

tomatoes and peppers and garlic in the oven and in a glass (and later in a sandwich). mmm. these days d works 5 days a week and i work the other two. i can't wait for that to change when schools in again. still have a lot of projects for the last few weeks of vacation time. mostly apartment-projects. we will see how much actually gets done.

> Famapa: Yeah that was exactly the feeling we were going for! -Im liking The wind-up bird... very much so far! an looking forward to liking it even better that Kafka.. I will have to do some detectives work on those cups! maybe you can get them everywhere!
> Lisen: one of our strategies for gifts are things we would want around for many many years so we can think back on our wedding all the time! Like i wrote Famapa i will do some detectives work to find out who made them (consisting in stopping by the shop tomorrow and asking :)). unfortunately they are not in the online shop of the store from which they were bought...
> .girl ferment: Wow snow in Australia! how crazy! I just thought the other day when it was raining really really hard, how strange it is that this kind of rain all ready seems normal, when just a few years ago i would not have been. things are surely changing
> Maria: hope you have a wonderful time! my best tip is: Dance! i loved all my dancing guests! -and yeah i love him scratching in the background too! its the only way i can snap a picture of him!
> Emma: Thank you, thank you, thank you! it really was the best day ever

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lisen said...

oh, so sweet of you! :) thanx! maybe they are special made just for you...?! hehe, I hope not, cause I want to have them toooo (to give away...AND have at OUR home hehe) ;)