gloomy fall

i love the gloomy light of fall. its been so sunny the past week and its been fantastic of course, but this morning its was so dark you had to turn on a lamp for breakfast.. ah.. actually as im writing this its as if the clouds are moving away... is it wrong to wish for them to stay?

> Maria: Yeah when we visited he was still wearing the hospital "sparkedragt" so my sister sent me this picture from when they came home. cute as a carrot
> Emma: you should never say no to your stomach!
> Yulieth: Thank you for your sweet comment! i took spanish in school some years ago but i did have to turn to google translator for this one :) - Gracias por tu comentario dulce! i tomó español en la escuela hace algunos años pero yo tenía que recurrir a google para este traductor una:)
> Erin: Yeah, waking up to the smell of burned tomatoes is not... well.. good :)
> .girl ferment.: thank you.


snacks and warnings

just a little afternoon snack: cream cheese + tomatoes + pepper on ryebread and a trøffel. mm.. and a little warning: remember those baked tomatoes i wrote about some time ago? never attempt to make them when you are tired enough to take a surprise nap...

ivan the carrot

i miss him so much :) the whole Aarhus >< src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3182/2676997202_cb4188f23e_o.jpg">
> Anne + Famapa: Thank you! i have been thinking that i should make more of these quilts but for the moment im kept still by carpal tunnel :(
> Maikki: :) i know -the fingernails totally fascinated me as well! his fingers were so real -so long and slender!
> Maria: I will pass the message on!
> Alice: ;) thanks -we had a lot of things from the attic that we wanted to donate to secondhand places, but we haven't gotten around to it yet...
> Emma: How funny! i did not know Ivan was such a fashionable name -but its cute!


newman and sandra

Oh mister newman. The Sting is one of my all time favourite movies and has been for as long as i can remember. RIP. (the second pic © Peter Schroeder/drr.net)
Last picture is from the truly magical series "A walk with one roll" over at Sandras blog. im so in love with the mood in these photos.


ivan the amazing

Im back! from visiting the little wonder called Ivan, who has made me an aunt for the first time! i like the danish titel: Moster -you know "Moster Mette".. it sounds pretty good! It was SO good to see him and to see my sister and her man as well. Everything has gone just perfectly and its so wonderful that they are all well and healthy! in the pictures he is only two days old :)those small hands.. and all that hair!!

> Emma: Thank you -and in regards to the shoes: you would want to shrink your feet for a find like that!
> Lisen: Thanks! it was my first time making a quilt like this but it turned out so good!
> Mettch: Wonderful flowers! and thank you for the tag! i will get on it soon :)
> Famapa: Thank you -its funny to have a new title!
> Kristi: Thank you -it was so nice to see my parents as grandparents!
> Mieke Willems: Thank you -i was afraid the colours where too girly for a little boy, but we did not know the sex and i think it works for both
> Infing: Thank you for both your comments.
> Maria: Im so proud of my sister for doing this!
> Maikki: Yeah i can see that they match! The penguin was kinda thought to be a crow though.... :/ but i can see it as a cross between a penguin and a crow! I sewed all day when i had gotten the call!
> Diana: Thank you!


see you in a bit :)

Im not gonna be able to blog for a couple of days because of something wonderful wonderful related to the pictures above and a very very little boy named Ivan... see you saturday!

> Asphalt and air: ;) i love that i have made you feel that way -cus i really really know that feeling myself! -hope you find them!
> Lisen: D says: yes, yes, yes just like flight of the conchords! He is so happy that you guys like it! -on another subject i thought it a bit morbid that i chose to post pictures of a cemetery right after the pics of Fido, but its a really nice place to walk rufus
> Emma: Im so sad to hear about your horse! i miss being around horses -i love that they are such big animals
> Mieke willems: thanks!


fun at the cemetery

we have a nice old cemetery close to where we live. its kinda informal and with lots of grass and people walking their dogs. when i get a garden im afraid it will look like a cemetery because i love the traditional cemetery pine trees so dark and always green. I think it reminds me of my childhood. My dads a priest and we lived next to the old cemetery where the city founder and his family were buried in a crypt. I could see it from my room and through my childhood i went from being afraid of the place to having imaginary ghost friends that lived there, then back to being afraid again.

> All: thanks for your sweet comments regarding fido. As you might have understood the hard thing is that it was our decision when it was over. that can be really hard to live with, even if it is the only thing to do.
> Hanna: i so wanted a pet when i was a kid but my mom is allergic
> Marie: åhh, hvor godt. Det er så bittersweet at tænke tilbage
> Famapa: Fido was the first dog i ever had that bond with, before that i had only experienced something like it with horses. it can be quit magical
> Mutti: vi savner ham
> Sasha: That sounds like such a good story. Fido was im afraid too old and had all ready had two different homes before he came to us. He would not accept me as his owner and the situation became too unsafe. Its so good when it turns out like your story and you can change a dogs life!
> Mieke Willems: Fido used to snore A LOT. he made so many funny noises that we totally miss.
> Lisen: So sad to hear about your horse! its all about enjoying every day you get with your pet so go cuddle one extra time with stina for me.
> Anne: Thank you :)
> Maria: Its so cruel that dogs don't live for ever!



we had a dog before Rufus. His name was Fido and its a sad and hard story that still makes my heart drop when i think of it. its a story about a dog that had not had a perfect life when we met him. a dog that was both sweet and totally unreliable. i thought i would tell you about this, because its one of those stories that even though we did our best, did not end well. it wasn't enough. i miss him.

> Steph.: Such a map sounds wonderful -we are trying to make one!
> Sandra: i didn't -luckily my job isn't that hard! so looking forward to see more of yours and Famapas project! Rufus loves you!
> mieke willems: Thank you so much! That is so sweet! i will update you on the triangle-thing!
> Sasha: what a pity -i can't find them online either -maybe you can get one of the retailers to send them to you? try writing them!


popsicles and swedish hasbeens

D likes ice cream alot! he often eats five popsicles at a time. I want these shoes. alot. but i don't have any shoe money at the moment. at all.


happy weekend

hope you all are having a good weekend! weekend = work for me, but i had a totally weekendy day yesterday so its all good.

> Steph.: Exactly! i was actually really close to Illum today but i forgot to go in! i would probably just steal it if i got the chance!
> joão drumond joaquim: Thank you! i actually do that quit often my self! i love your blogheader! hope you will write a little bit in english too, but beautiful pictures can definitely be enough!


i just wish i was an elephant..

If i had an elephant head like this i would wear it all the time! i saw them some time ago over at Svannas blog carpe + item but haven't gotten around to see them in real life. wonder if they are still there.. Right now in this very moment im doing 5 things at once. thats alot.

> Shell: Really -i guess you have to live someplace warm to be so lucky
> Emma: I act like a kid.. making it move everytime it looks happy and relaxed.. mean. i have to stop
> Mettch: they have flowers too? i can't wait to see that. i had actually never seen one before so im still in awe.
> Lea: You can play with it all you want this afternoon -just remember it goes to sleep at 18.00!!
> Kimberly: You have to try it! its so fun to see a plant react to you! perfect fun for kids of all ages..
> Louise: I know -i think thats my favourite too! but ive got a thing for bears so..
> Gracia: Yeah, i wish i could find the photographer again!
> Ola: Thats so funny! im gonna start calling people like that mimosa! And thank you for your sweet comment! they really grow on you, those shapes, so be careful not to get addicted like me..


Vanessa Villegas

go visit Vanessa Villegas' flickr of adorable drawigs! flickr.com/manesita


do you know the mimosa plant? i just bought one this weekend because i think it is so funny! its a pretty little green thing but when you touch it the leaves close up and the branches move away! i love plants that react! it goes to bed pretty early though so around 18.00 it closes up totally and does not open until the next morning...

> Emma: i was walking along the docks in malmö to get to school and when i looked down the water was full of them! so many and so silent
> The bear is so cool i want to invite him to dinner! manet = jelly fish = vandmand(dk) :)
> Diana: i was really surprised to see so many in the harbour! i will keep you updated on base experiments!
> .girl ferment.: yeah i don't like the idea of swimming with things other than people and maybe dolphins though i have never tried it. if i get the idea into my head that there are big fish below me i can not get it out again!


whos for dinner?

i don't remember where i found this (probably through ffffound...), but i had to post it.

under water

the world looks quit different under water -i wouldn't wanna swim with these creatures, but looking down on them from the docks i think they are beautiful.

> all: Wow you really love the vase :) i had been so annoyed at how long it took for us to get it back that i was full of negative energy about it -but now i see its beauty and appreciate it! thanks!
> Maria: im doing three embroidery pillows at once it will take a while before im done! but i will show them for sure!
> Kim: Thank you very much!
> Emma: yeah our friends and family have been really great especially around the wedding truly understanding what we wanted!
> Famapa: :) ha ha ha -you will have to fly here, sneak in and steal them if you want your hands on them! or you could of course buy them i guess... not as much fun though!
> Diana: Yeah you are right -i don't have a lot of flower-arrangement-experience so it will take some practice!



this is a wedding present that had to go back because some of the magnets that holds the vases together were missing (you can arrange the vases in different ways -actually this is a pretty boring one, but i like it) we finally got them back after a month because there had been a problem with a whole shipping of them. at first i found it really hard to arrange the flowers, but i think this turned out good! The vase is called Fiducia and is from Kähler.

> Marie: FEDT FEDT FEDT! jeg var så bange for at den ikke passede! jeg har ikke nogen billeder af den -har du?
> Steph: ha ha, yes they are from Føtex! how great that you have gotten them too! I haven't been to tivoli since i was eight! some times when i ride past it on my bike i look in and think it looks like a totally different world... maybe i should go soon? i could make for some beautiful fall photos!
> Lisen: just as i only knit scarves i only do embroidery for pillows :) thats all my imagination can think of. once i did an embroidered bag, but it was pretty fragile. with my hand still stupid i can't knit so i embroider.. is that a word? embroider?