back and forth

getting in to the rhythm of travelling back and forth between copenhagen and malmö. its not a bad trip considering its between two countries -its actually quicker than going to the other end of this city.... bike, subway, train, walk... maybe some day the train will change direction and go to chanel-miami...

> Sasha: what kind of dog do you have? travlling with a dog is ... well difficult! unless it fits in a bag. actually we have an oversize bag for rufus when we bring him on the train -its free to bring a dog in a bag -even though he takes up exactly the same amount of space as he would with out.. stupid rule! Rufus is really good on the train -totally quiet! but still its annoying to travel. too much hassle.
> Júlía: he really is..
> maikki: i think all children are scared of shadows! its so easy to see creepy things in them! I can still work my self up over some clothes lying on a chair at night -i see an old witch right away and can't sleep!
> Famapa: You could definitely pretend to have a dog to take walks -before we got a dog D would like to go for walks so he could meet dogs on the way!! and if you only pretend you can skip those times when its just a drag to have to go out! ..i don't know if thats good or bad :)
> Little Nutbrown Hare: I will tell Shadow Dog that you like him :)

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