fun at the cemetery

we have a nice old cemetery close to where we live. its kinda informal and with lots of grass and people walking their dogs. when i get a garden im afraid it will look like a cemetery because i love the traditional cemetery pine trees so dark and always green. I think it reminds me of my childhood. My dads a priest and we lived next to the old cemetery where the city founder and his family were buried in a crypt. I could see it from my room and through my childhood i went from being afraid of the place to having imaginary ghost friends that lived there, then back to being afraid again.

> All: thanks for your sweet comments regarding fido. As you might have understood the hard thing is that it was our decision when it was over. that can be really hard to live with, even if it is the only thing to do.
> Hanna: i so wanted a pet when i was a kid but my mom is allergic
> Marie: åhh, hvor godt. Det er så bittersweet at tænke tilbage
> Famapa: Fido was the first dog i ever had that bond with, before that i had only experienced something like it with horses. it can be quit magical
> Mutti: vi savner ham
> Sasha: That sounds like such a good story. Fido was im afraid too old and had all ready had two different homes before he came to us. He would not accept me as his owner and the situation became too unsafe. Its so good when it turns out like your story and you can change a dogs life!
> Mieke Willems: Fido used to snore A LOT. he made so many funny noises that we totally miss.
> Lisen: So sad to hear about your horse! its all about enjoying every day you get with your pet so go cuddle one extra time with stina for me.
> Anne: Thank you :)
> Maria: Its so cruel that dogs don't live for ever!


Lisen said...

I like D's sweater! Gustav want one like that...like Bret's sweaters in flightoftheconchords. Nice with animals! :) Animals who doesnt die... :(

Cuddled a lot with Stina yesterday night. :)

mieke willems said...

gourgeous photos! and indeed, nice pullover!