the good thing..

the good thing about fall is that some days the sun shines like its summer... and the good thing about copenhagen is that you can find spots in the middle of the city that looks this serene..

> Lynn & Horst: Cutler and Gross is a really good bet! i didn't know them!
> Niller: He has accepted it!
> Brinja: But i think maybe i also like women with hats more than men... maybe..
> Karin: Looking forward to seeing your walls!
> Júlía: Yeah they really are awesome and the lassie one is crazy good.
> D: You have accepted it!!!!
> Hanna: :) :) thats not nice!
> Lisen: I actually do wear a hat when its really cold -or when i bike in rain... hmm.. maybe i can find ONE that he can wear when its cold.. But NO HAT FOR RUFUS!
> Sasha: i could have been a bit more informative about the stuff on our walls -for example i photographed out knives because both them and the knife magnets are new wedding presents and of course i should have mentioned that my wonderful father painted the painting above our couch. Its the danish bike rider Michael Rasmussen and was painted the year before he had a giant scandal. i love it very much! i can get more in to the stuff on our walls when i do a tour of our apartment soon.
> Ashley: Im so glad that you have linked to me! looking forward to checking out your blog too! and you are so right! i never look like that i vacation photos either -but in the future im gonna try to!

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