i just wish i was an elephant..

If i had an elephant head like this i would wear it all the time! i saw them some time ago over at Svannas blog carpe + item but haven't gotten around to see them in real life. wonder if they are still there.. Right now in this very moment im doing 5 things at once. thats alot.

> Shell: Really -i guess you have to live someplace warm to be so lucky
> Emma: I act like a kid.. making it move everytime it looks happy and relaxed.. mean. i have to stop
> Mettch: they have flowers too? i can't wait to see that. i had actually never seen one before so im still in awe.
> Lea: You can play with it all you want this afternoon -just remember it goes to sleep at 18.00!!
> Kimberly: You have to try it! its so fun to see a plant react to you! perfect fun for kids of all ages..
> Louise: I know -i think thats my favourite too! but ive got a thing for bears so..
> Gracia: Yeah, i wish i could find the photographer again!
> Ola: Thats so funny! im gonna start calling people like that mimosa! And thank you for your sweet comment! they really grow on you, those shapes, so be careful not to get addicted like me..


steph. said...

is this in illum? i was there just yesterday :)

joão drumond joaquim said...

It's good to scroll down your blog, so many good pictures : )