ivan the amazing

Im back! from visiting the little wonder called Ivan, who has made me an aunt for the first time! i like the danish titel: Moster -you know "Moster Mette".. it sounds pretty good! It was SO good to see him and to see my sister and her man as well. Everything has gone just perfectly and its so wonderful that they are all well and healthy! in the pictures he is only two days old :)those small hands.. and all that hair!!

> Emma: Thank you -and in regards to the shoes: you would want to shrink your feet for a find like that!
> Lisen: Thanks! it was my first time making a quilt like this but it turned out so good!
> Mettch: Wonderful flowers! and thank you for the tag! i will get on it soon :)
> Famapa: Thank you -its funny to have a new title!
> Kristi: Thank you -it was so nice to see my parents as grandparents!
> Mieke Willems: Thank you -i was afraid the colours where too girly for a little boy, but we did not know the sex and i think it works for both
> Infing: Thank you for both your comments.
> Maria: Im so proud of my sister for doing this!
> Maikki: Yeah i can see that they match! The penguin was kinda thought to be a crow though.... :/ but i can see it as a cross between a penguin and a crow! I sewed all day when i had gotten the call!
> Diana: Thank you!


Anne said...

Hooray for your Moster title:)
He's too cute for words!
and I'm seriously impressed with your quilting talents...

Famapa said...

awwww.... too cute!
oh and I second anne about the quilt, it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh he is cute! I'm always fascinated by babies' hands. So so tiny and perfect, even perfect fingernails!

Oh but the bird could be a crow as well. Actually knowing that the bird is a crow makes it much cuter. I was mistaken by the colours, obviously!

Maria said...

hello Ivan! you're so cute!

emma said...

Oh darn, how cute. And petit! :)
Ivan is such a nice name. Got a friend who named his little son Ivan just now. Sweet.