ivan the carrot

i miss him so much :) the whole Aarhus >< src="">
> Anne + Famapa: Thank you! i have been thinking that i should make more of these quilts but for the moment im kept still by carpal tunnel :(
> Maikki: :) i know -the fingernails totally fascinated me as well! his fingers were so real -so long and slender!
> Maria: I will pass the message on!
> Alice: ;) thanks -we had a lot of things from the attic that we wanted to donate to secondhand places, but we haven't gotten around to it yet...
> Emma: How funny! i did not know Ivan was such a fashionable name -but its cute!


maria said...

oooh so sweet he is with the carrot- "sparkbyxor":)))

Anonymous said...

Me gusta el tigresito con traje conejesco, ahi esta pintada la tia. jajaja. felicidades por el Sobrino Malesita... es bello.

.girl ferment. said...

he is adorable, and so is his little outfit. congratulations to your sister.
xx said...

Ohh he´s so tiny and so very adorable.
Cute carrots!