on my walls

i was tagged by Sasha some time ago to show whats on my walls! now i have finally gotten around to photographing them! chose to do it in a sort of dark style (saving the bright shots for a photo tour of the apartment that im planning) now for the tagging part... hmmm -i tag: Karin, famapa and Kim

> Emma: Yeah i love seeing my grandparents in these photos because it is a different world from how i know them!
> Mutti: Jeg tror du har ret i at han nok ville finde det ret mærkeligt være på en blog! tænk at det er så længe siden.
> Karin: Yeah, my parents always told me to take pictures of people instead of just the monuments because it makes for more interesting pictures later -you don't want to remember the place - you want to remember the people you where there with!
> Joanna: You are right! maybe my grandmother was annoyed that a kid walked in front of the camera when they got the pictures back, but now its just funny!
> Maria: :) he was !
> Famapa: Yeah, great travel outfit! i know.. i haven't gotten around to printing either... so all the paper photos we have from the wedding are drunken night photos from the disposable cameras :)


Famapa said...

i've had my eye on that cat clock before but couldn't figure out a good place for it to go! thanks for the tag, I'll get on it straight away! shame yours are so dark, have you a program to lighten them with? want to see them a bit better ;)

lisen said...

Oh, I was also tagged, thanks to you reminding me... Hm, its a lot of walls now and many things to photograph..hehe. I LOVE that clock you have :)))) (besides the shrig-picture... and its cool you have my poster, makes me glad!).

ps. a Rufus-dog is upcoming, its just a sketch now..have to do other things right now, but it IS a whippet-sketch here... :)

karin said...

Hi Mette, thanks for tagging me.

Maria said...

Great walls you have:) I really like that wall with all the photos on it!