yesterday Famapa did a post about practical housework -i was planning one my self! we cleaned out our storage room in the attic! Yes! what a good feeling! getting rid of alot of clutter!

> Maria: That is my favourite wall of all times too! its just perfect -a mix of old family photos, inspirational cut outs and memorabilia!
> Mettch: it is really breathtaking!
> .girl ferment.: so glad you like it!


Mettch said...

haha, you're giving me such bad conscience because of this! mine looks pretty much like the before pic. and i only moved in 2 months ago! but i applaud you for doing this.. it's like going to the gym, you feel so great afterwards.. ;)

Lisen said...

oh, I can almost feel that great feeling you feel when its done and you can just stand there and look at the sweet difference from before :) Ah!

Alice said...

haha typical Cph atic locker !!
good job !