started school today. phew. its a whole other mindset to get into. now i remember why i started blogging: to hold on to something visual since my education is neither visual nor creative in the crafty sense. But it think its gonna be a good course so i will just have to shake my head.

> Amy: i know!
> Sandra: Thank you very much! thats a good trade in a person
> Sasha: that could look pretty funny. its also as if something changes when you go from one-dog-owner to two-dog-owner. people look at you differently. And thanks for the tag! i will get on it
> Maikki: Yeah i like irish wolfhounds aswell -they are really similar to scottish deerhounds in size and colour but scottish deerhounds are same family as whippets (thats what rufus is) so they will have similar mindset, which is just perfect!


Lynn and Horst said...


steph. said...

so beautiful.

marie said...

ja det er virkelig nogle smukke farver! jeg sendte betrækket igår, så du skulle have det idag. Jeg må godt skrive her ikke, uden at du bliver bange?

.girl ferment. said...

what course are you studying?

Mettch said...

that's exactly how i feel about blogging vs. studying. sometimes it's good to occupy your mind with completely different activities. beautiful pictures, btw. love the colors! xx.