swedish kitchen

we've bought these new drinking glass - makes for even prettier coffee! but wait! it just dawned on my that they probably wont work for my sofa-coffee-holder!! dang. there are also six of them in a half the height! they are cute. i also got these lovely swedish patterned textiles for the kitchen! lovely.
i didn't get my lunch in time so now im all tired and head-ache-y. The problem with me is that i will be this way the rest of the day. so im going to lie down now. and stop talking on about my kitchen.

Lynn & Horst: ha ha if only you knew how many time my camera isn't ready!
Anne: Cheers!


lisen said...

cute glass and colourful textiles, I like! Headache sucks. Hope you feel better tomorrow, dont forget to eat!! :)

kim said...

ohhh i would drink coffee like water if i had those cups! said...

How do u get your foam so great?