under water

the world looks quit different under water -i wouldn't wanna swim with these creatures, but looking down on them from the docks i think they are beautiful.

> all: Wow you really love the vase :) i had been so annoyed at how long it took for us to get it back that i was full of negative energy about it -but now i see its beauty and appreciate it! thanks!
> Maria: im doing three embroidery pillows at once it will take a while before im done! but i will show them for sure!
> Kim: Thank you very much!
> Emma: yeah our friends and family have been really great especially around the wedding truly understanding what we wanted!
> Famapa: :) ha ha ha -you will have to fly here, sneak in and steal them if you want your hands on them! or you could of course buy them i guess... not as much fun though!
> Diana: Yeah you are right -i don't have a lot of flower-arrangement-experience so it will take some practice!


emma said...

oh! i never gets tired of looking at those cool creatures and their moves! they've got a calming effect. fine pictures, one can really feel and imagine their moves and the sound (silence) of the deep deep sea.

lisen said...

vad heter manet på engelska?
I saw plenty of them here today, faschinating. I've always been scared of them.. I love the bear picture! Gustav does too. So funny!

Diana said...

I don't have any flower arrangement practice either, but have discovered lately that arranging them anyways is a lot of fun. hope you keep us updated on what you are doing with the gorgeous vases

these water-creatures seem magical in your photos. never seen them from that point of view before. never even thought they had a calming effect, as emma said. i should probably give them a second chance :-)

.girl ferment. said...

they do look beautiful from above the water.
i don't like the thought of swimming with creatures. in the ocean i pretend there is nothing swimming with me. not because i fear them hurting me, but maybe because it is life i don't know about?

Júlía. said...

I love jellyfish. They look so amazing. And they move in such a funny way.