11 little details

I got tagged! by the wonderful Mettch! There are a few things i would conclude after answering these questions: a: im not good at picking favourites b: except when it comes to coffee and chocolate c: i tend to ramble on and on instead of just answering the questions.... :)
1. Clothes shop hmm... maybe Weekday -in malmø, not copenhagen -such a good mix of affordable stuff and fantastic brands.
2. Furniture shop Genbrugscenteret! The local recycling-centre with great stuff. Im all for IKEA as well but D has thought me to only buy a few things there :) we usually take a long time picking out our furniture and its hard to name one good place to find them. shop around!
3. Sweet. Chocolate! all the way. But it has to be dark. really dark -around 85%...
4. City. lets go with living in the moment and say Copenhagen... but i really don't have a favourite so if i could i would divide my time between Copenhagen, Reykjavik and Berlin! Top three cities i would like to visit next: Göteborg, Tokyo and New York. (P.S: does anybody know the cheapest place to stay in Göteborg??)
5. Drink. coffee. good coffee. lots of good coffee. lots and lots of good coffee. no tea. just good coffee....
6. Music. im bad with genres because they never seem to fit. instead i'll name some names off my ipod (its actually kind of short because i use a lot of my 2gb for podcasts that i listen to when i work -but when something becomes my favourite its stays on the list for a long time): Antony & the Johnsons, Arcade Fire, Choir of Young Believers, Hank Williams, Jens Lekman, Johnny Cash, Joy Division, M.I.A., Marybell Katastrophy, No kids, Rufus Wainwright, The Smiths, Speaker Bite Me, Suburban kids with Biblical Names...
7. TV-Series. i love tv. i love tv-series even more. anything revolving around crimesolving or set in a hospital is my kind of show. Some all time favourites are E.R., Bones, CSI, E.R. and Colombo -oh yeah, and i know every episode of Futurama forwards and backwards
8. Film. it might be obvious but all things Wes Andersson - and good old stuff from the sixties and seventies - I need to look at our movie collection to think up some titles -all i can remember is The Sting :)
9. Workout. i love yoga but forget to do it often
i like to run but only on trait-mills sadly because i don't like paying fitness center fees. Rufus would love it if i could get my act together and get a real good running habit
10. Pastries. Actually i have a weird intolerance to pastries -all things resembling croissants i feel totally sick afterwards. for a long time that included pancakes but thankfully i have found a way of making them that does not make me sick! phew -can you imagine not being able to eat pancakes?? its tough! i still never order them when eating out, cause i don't know what the tricker is exactly.
-if we expand the category to include cake of different kind i would have to say THAT I LOVE CAKE! and its hard to name a favourite, but brownies are a really good bet
11 Coffee. well i probably LOVE coffee even more than i LOVE cake. I usually drink it at home, because im trying to save money and i hate paying alot of money for a crappy latte at a café. The only place i will buy a cup of coffee (always a cappucino) as often as it is possible is at Coffee Collective = the best coffee in the world -and the people are pretty good too. you should check out their concept because its really cool. At home i make my very own espresso-milk-combo = pretty dark + lots and lots of thick foam -and the size of a tall latte.... I have a cheap krups espresso machine, my bialetti milk-foamer and a cooking thermometer to get the temperature of the milk just right. gosh how i would like a really good espresso machine someday... maybe like this one...

I tag.... Emma, Mieke and Willems and maikki


sandra said...

here are some hostels in gothenburg that are good:

now i want chocolate!

emma said...

Hehe, I will do my best. I'm like you, can't answer with one word, but I wish I could and I will try! :)

Like yer answers, I recognize lots of own favourites but I will try to vary. :)
Nice colours here, almost forgot that there were no photo today.!

mieke willems said...

hey, we will do our best too!! so much text is always boring on our blog, but you did a great job with the colours!
by the way, we are mieke verbijlen and veronik willems, mieke willems is our name together! so you can call us mieke and veronik, hihi!

Anonymous said...

Yey! This is fun! Although I'm really bad at giving short answers or picking one single favourite over others I like equally for different reasons but I'll do my best!