birthday walk

more photographs from my birthday walk with my man and my dog. it was really the best birthday weather! The fish was so big and dead! Rufus was interested but did not get closer than in this picture! In the second picture you see Rufus trying to cheat us; He knows we don't want him drinking the sea water so every now and again he will hurry into the water - take a sip - and HURRY back -and when Rufus hurries -its fast!

> Emma: Yeah its almost as if it was made for me :)
> Hanna: Haha -everyday your eyes should have a shot of bright colours!
> Karin: Thank you! i can't wait till you create a whole new birthday soon :)
> Maikki: Thanks! I have been dreaming of my birthday meal for two nights now! i want it all again!
> Lynn & Horst: Indeed!
> melroska: Totally!


lisen said...

oh, great photos, scary fish!!?! looks like summer...?!

have a nice weekend!

louise said...

Rufus is such a stunner. I could look at a million photos of him as he is so very handsome.