busy bee

I just talked with a friend who asked me what i was doing today and when it listed it up it sounded... well not like a good day. hope it turns out better than it sounds: Im doing budgets, i have a headache, i need to tidy up and clean the whole apartment, i have to study, i have to do some work on the computer that hurts my hand -and the weekend looks the same -and im hungry..... wait! i can do something about the last one! Hope the list for your weekend is better!

> Brinja: Thank you! i miss him all the time
> Toktokada: Thank you so much! thats one of the best comments one can get! looking forward to following your blog
> isabella: Thank you for liking the stuff here so much :) Im quite jealous of Ds Fox pullover!
> .girl ferment.: I don't know! they must have some crazy methods!


lisen said...

Oh, so cute animals! :D Rufus = the cutest ofcourse. :)

Bettina Gjødvad said...

Det kan ikke beskrives hvor meget jeg holder af den lille Rufus:)

Kaela said...

cute dog! (he has smart eyes!). and a nice warm, owl.

Maria said...

I love that owl!