We started the second day with a fantastic breakfast at Fox (sorry no pictures) and spent then walked around enjoying the city -visiting the ruins under Christiansborg - sitting in the garden at the Royal library - eating Oreos and drinking beer at the channels at christianshavn ... lovely! (Do you see how D is trying to look like my grandfather posing in these photos?)

> Emma: Yeah i heard about the hotel along time ago and always thought it would be such a nice thing to do! and it was!!
> Judith: Oh how funny! did you stay in the same room or is there a bell in every room?? We did find the bell and rang i very loudly :)
> Lisen: Oh thank you -we did think how cool it would be to make a room with pattern on both the floors and walls -and ceilings some time! it would make a great bathroom -or maybe guestroom -or playroom.
> Kimberly: I will tell you that burger was So delicious and so huge! we thought i was funny that it was me who ordered the extralarge lone star and i felt a responsibility to finish it all! i was so full afterwards!
> .girl ferment.: The hotel is so cool, but there are also rooms that are quite boring so you have to get the right room -you want a really overwhelming one when staying at such a place!
> K: Yeah we (mostly me..) thought it was a fun way to start the trip by looking at check in screens and other travelers + the starbucks at the airport is the only one in DK so it was exotic (I tried to forget that i actually go through the airport everytime i go to school in Malmö) How cool that you designed a hotel! when we lived in Reykjavik i worked for some hotels and i got so many ideas for my dream hotel -it would definitely include lots of pattern!


emma said...

he he nice window-art...
now i want to go for a horse ride in the sun... !!
cool blue shoes..-goes fine with the oreos. mm! :)

louise said...

Looks like you're both having a wonderful time. Your picnic looks perfect!

Lisen said...

blue shoes, yeeeeah!

lea said...

what a great idea to celebrate your honeymoon in CPH..the hotelroom looks very impressive, makes you want to decorate with tiles : )

sandra said...

your honeymoon looks so perfect, and wow to that room you got at fox! next time i go to copenhagen, i will definitely stay there. thanks for sharing so many pictures from your weekend!

Alice said...

eeeew the first pic is one good reason not to miss Dk so much, err never understood that food habit`;;