We started our little honeymoon by taking the train to the airport, buying coffee at starbucks (:)) and taking the train back into the city where we had reservations for one night at Hotel Fox -a pretty incredible place where the rooms are all designed by different artists! We had gotten a good deal on a medium size room but got upgraded to a x-large which was fantastic cause it gave us the chance to stay in the cool room 302: Harmonies Helm. the pattern covering all the floor and all walls were so overwhelmingly good! for dinner we went to Halifax for the best burgers in town and im proud to say i finished the biggest burger on their menu :) -between the hotel and burgers there was a visit at Statens Museum for Kunst and lovely walks by the lakes!

> Gracia: :) thank you -im almost finished sorting -now im on to uploading to flickr.. phew it takes for ever!
> Maikki: Yeah the zoo was really a crazy place. all the animals where so cool, but it was raining and its hard to photograph through the glass so it could be a bit frustrating. Especially the incredible hippopotamus were really hard to capture!
> Famapa: YOU ARE THE BEST! thank you for such a sweet comment!
> Lisen: Its great to be back! -we tried to buy exotic snacks that we would not normally get -such as Oreos! -because when you travel you always buy weird local things that you don't know what tastes like
> Mieke Willems: It really was! it fitted us so perfectly to stay in our own town! and thay way Rufus could join us too!
> Joanne: That is such a good point! it really is about taking time out with no distractions -just spending all your time together!!
> Maria: Im really liking the photocroping too and thinking its a good way of posting lots of pictures! you will get some full-size ones from the honeymoon too though
> Júlía: Exactly! we made such a long list of things we never normally do in copenhagen! we will have to do another honeymoon to take care of the rest of the list!


emma said...

cool! awesome! i heard about that hotel, looks fantastic!!
seems like you two had a RE AL LY nice time...! :D

Judith said...

Oh, great, i was there 2 months ago. Have you seen the bell in your room?

Lisen said...

oh my, it was the hotel room?!?! wooooow! (but your home is even cooler!) ;)

kimberley said...

Ahh, you did it up so well!
Happy honeymoon, looks like you guys had fun as usual (and that burger!).

.girl ferment. said...

happy honeymoon.
the hotel is mind-blowing.
sounds like such a lovely honeymoon.
too cute!

K said...

Ahh I can't wait to check that place out. When I was living in Copenhagen there were no fun boutique hotels. I ended up designing one as my final project... it was oh so much fun.

I love that you started out at the airport as if you left for some exotic local.

Cindy said...

ha ha! when i saw the pictures of dennis sitting in the tile-filed room (from the collage with the zoo animals etc) i thought you were in a "hip" sauna or bath-house somewhere in copenhagen. who could've thought it was actually a hotel room! i love it!

kim said...

wow! we are thinking of stopping in copenhagen for our honeymoon. after seeing this hotel, i will HAVE to stay there. HAVE TO! Amazing!!!

mieke willems said...

haha that hotel looks so funny! so over the top, but nice! suits you!

Carolina said...

wow, what a place! and what a burger ;) I have to go to DK as soon as possible!

Charlotte Tollstén said...

WOW,that hotel looks so cool!

Nice blog!!