Forlæns & Baglæns

Forlæns & Baglæns is a tapas restaurant in Århus and a retro-lamp-paradise! mm.. grilled tiger-shrimp with aïoli - sorry no pictures of the food! it went down too fast :)

> All: Yeah i know! the Fox pullover is FAN.TAS.TIC! its Peter Jensen and its fits D so perfectly! He says you can buy it here.
> Mieke Willems: Im actually really a darkness sort of person -all summer i feel a little guilty that i don't enjoy the light as much as everyone else.
> Júlía: Ha ha -of course you love trains when you are from Iceland :) I actually quite like it too! but i want to ride in the quiet area and Rufus is not allowed there.
> Svanna: Yeah i should find out where they got it, but im almost sure that is an original from the seventies or eighties
> Maikki: The weather forecast for this week had big dark clouds all over it but the sun keeps shining... at least it was dark enough when i got up to light candles in the kitchen
> Maria: I know its a dilemma. I find that to get up i just have to get out of the bed to go to the bathroom and then stay there for just 1-2 minutes more not giving in to the urge of running back to bed -i find that those 1-2 minutes makes all the difference of being able to stay up! also a every warm pair of slippers :)
> Karin: Yeah it was a different kind of train that we usually take for that trip -it was slower too, but it has great light!
> Anne: Luckily knitwear can be so great and i have missed it all summer :)
> Joanne: I know -the first two are so christmasy its crazy!


Maria said...

nice lamps!
tomorrow morning I'm gonna follow your example, 1-2 minutes! :)

Isabelle said...

you got me! i'm crazy for lamps. i want the green one there! (: